Rebels Announce Additions to Front Office


Langford – Victoria’s Westshore Rebels have announced that they have added two members to their executive board: Doug Kobayashi has been named executive director/president, and Jim ten Hove has been named executive member at large. Both men bring a wide range of business and management experience to the Rebels, and they are looking to help move the organization forward. They will be joining the current Rebels board, which consists of: Janine Boice, Rob Cherneff, Sue Fournier, Doug Morison, Michelle Nouwens, Jason Sperling and Shanda Sperling.

Kobayashi has retired after a successful career in the U.S. as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace technology industry, and he now runs Think Strategy, a management-consulting firm. Kobayashi is also very active in the Westshore community, serving on committees in both the City of Colwood and the City of Langford. Koybayashi is also the current president of the Westshore Chamber of Commerce.

“I am extremely excited and honoured to volunteer my time to help the Westshore Rebels,” said Kobayashi, “My primary goal is to help build a successful and sustainable organization that will grow based on a foundation of sound processes and systems.  We not only want to build a football club that our community will be proud to call its own, but we want to develop good young men into better ones.”

ten Hove also brings an abundance of experience having spent 25 years serving in the Canadian military and attaining a rank of Warrant Officer. He has also spent time with the UN and NATO in his career. Since retiring from the military, ten Hove has been an important member of the Westshore community. He has spent nearly 20 years with Colwood Rotary club, worked with and managed the Saunders family foundation, and is on the board of directors with the Salvation Army Church.

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What Are The Signs Of Alcohol Poisoning?

In the athletic culture, alcohol and drugs is not uncommon.  This article was written especially for the youger athlete to warn them of the often too late assessed danger of alcohol poisoning. 

Many of us all like the occasional alcoholic drink, whether it is for a celebration, a night out with friends, or any of the other reasons, and we may have enough of them to make us slightly drunk. However some people will drink to excess, and when they eventually wake up in the morning they may remember nothing of what happened the night before, and feel like someone has turned their insides upside down. This is called a hangover, but in some cases it could be something much worse, and that is alcohol poisoning.  If you know someone in need of a christian drug rehab for men, please visit the link.

Alcohol Is Poison

Although alcohol is actually widely accepted in many societies around the world, it is actually a poison, and in some circumstances it can kill. In most cases our body will process one unit of alcohol per hour, but if you have consumed a lot of alcohol or have knocked back a lot of shorts in quick succession, then your body can not process it quick enough and the levels in your blood keeping climbing.  Christian rehab centers.

Alcohol has a number of effects on your body:

•    Dehydration.
•    Slows down brain processing.
•    Balance.
•    Blood sugar lowers.
•    Body temperature reduces.
•    Breathing and heartbeats can be reduced.

Signs Of Alcohol Poisoning

Christian Drug Rehab Alcohol | 90 Days $3,900 | OurMastersCamp.orgAlcohol poising can happen at any time, it may come on during the drinking session, or sometime after your last drink, but it can be a serious condition if the symptoms are ignored, especially if the person is still drinking. Once a person gets acute alcohol poisoning then they should be given medical intervention quickly.Watch out for the following symptoms in someone drinking heavily:
•    Unconsciousness.
•    Seizures – Call an ambulance as soon as possible if this happens.
•    Person feels very cold to the touch.
•    Vomiting – This is the body’s natural reaction to try and remove toxins.
•    Confusion.
•    Unresponsive.
•    Severe loss of coordination.
•    Pale skin.

Alcohol poisoning can quickly become extremely dangerous, and if you suspect that someone is suffering from it then you should always get medical help, you should never make them sick, leave them to sleep it off, give them coffee as this dehydrates them more, and you should never give them more alcohol. The only thing you should give them is water.

In Conclussion

People die every year from alcohol poisoning, so it is something that needs to be taken seriously, but as the friends of a sufferer are usually drunk as well, then the symptoms are often overlooked. The only way to prevent alcohol poisoning is to avoid drinking to excess in the first place.

Victoria Rebels

The Victoria Rebels are a Canadian football team that was founded in 1985, and is coached by Scott Mennie.  They are part of a league called the BC football conference, and is part of the Canadian Junior football league.  They now go by the name, “the West Shore Rebels”.

There are many similarities between American Football and Canadian Football. They are both high speed, high action, and both attract a huge fan base.  Some of the differences may seem arbitrary, but do impact the philosophies utilized by the coaches, and the strategies of which to defend.

This video helps illustrate many of these differences:

To become more informed about Canadian Football…

Canadian Football

Please check out this resource. It is from wikipedia and it displays everything you need to know about Canadian football.