Get to Know Photochromic Lenses That Can Change Color

When doing outdoor activities in bright sunlight, we will usually have difficulty seeing because we are disturbed by the light that is too bright, using sunglasses can be a way to make the eyes comfortable. However, always using sunglasses when outdoors cannot be done by people who have vision problems and use glasses prescribed by a doctor.


But now you can use glasses with photochromic lenses so that your vision is comfortable and not disturbed by bright sunlight. This is a type of lens that can turn darker when exposed to sunlight or other UV rays. Of course, this can be a solution for those of you who wear glasses and have to use glasses with a doctor’s prescription so that the experience of wearing glasses can be more comfortable.

What Are Photochromic Lenses?

Photochromic lenses are a type of lens that can darken when exposed to sunlight or UV rays. These lenses are also known by other terms, such as transition lenses, light adaptive lenses, to variable color lenses.

By using photochromic lenses, the lenses will protect the eyes from exposure to UV A and UV B rays at all times. Of course, exposure to UV A and UV B rays that are not handled properly can cause problems with eye health.

The use of photochromic glasses is also considered capable of increasing productivity and safety when driving a vehicle. By using this type of lens, you will feel comfortable in your vision as well as protection for your eyes so this lens can be known as a versatile lens.

Benefits of Photochromic Lenses

  1. Protect from UV rays
    Benefits of protection from UV rays which can cause problems with eye health.
  2. Protect against exposure to blue light
    In addition to being able to protect against UV rays, photochromic lenses can also protect against blue light which is commonly found on electronic device screens.
  3. Efficient
    Glasses users do not need to change glasses when needed, so photochromic lenses are also said to be very efficient.
  4. Stylish and multifunctional
    Today’s photochromic glasses can also be used for various activities such as sports and are available in a variety of color choices to suit your style.

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Men’s Summer Fashion: What To Wear In Hot, Humid Weather

It’s absolutely scorching out there! If you’re wondering what to wear to beat the heat while still looking stylish, we got you covered. In this post, we’ll explore the must-have summer fashion essentials for men—clothing that’s perfect for hot weather.

The moment you step outside, you can feel the intense sun and the humidity in the air. It’s a constant battle to avoid turning into a sweaty mess. You find yourself constantly wiping your brow, with your clothes sticking to your back, creating random sweat stains. But fear not, my stylish friend! This is one of those situations where you can achieve both comfort and style effortlessly.

Best Summer Colours, Fabric and Fit

You’re familiar with how winter clothing tends to be heavier, darker, and more substantial like full tracksuits, right? Well, the same principle applies to men’s summer styles, but in the complete opposite direction. It’s all about lighter, brighter garments that are lightweight and free of bulk.

Colours For The Summer

During the summer, it’s generally recommended to opt for lighter colours in your outfits. Light hues have a cooling effect as they reflect a significant amount of light. White, light blue, light grey, and tan/khaki are all considered “neutrals” because they serve as a versatile base and complement other colours in an outfit.

While navy and olive also fall into the neutrals category, we’ll set them aside for now since they aren’t light colours.

If you’re new to incorporating colours into your wardrobe, start by introducing them through smaller details like pocket squares, bracelets, sunglasses, or watch straps.

For those who are more daring and experienced, feel free to include a vibrant, eye-catching piece such as a sport coat or colourful chinos to add a unique touch to your ensemble.

What Fabric To Wear In Summer?

When it comes to dressing for hot and humid weather, your best bet for men’s clothing would be summer-weight or lightweight materials like wool, linen, and cotton. These fabrics, with their loosely-woven structure, allow for better airflow while maintaining a sharp appearance.

Now, you might be concerned about linen and its tendency to wrinkle. But here’s the thing: embrace the wrinkles! Don’t worry too much about them. In hot and humid weather, the fabric naturally relaxes, causing some of the wrinkles to disappear. So, when it comes to summer styles, there’s no need to stress. Embracing the occasional wrinkles that come with linen is completely natural and not a major concern. Other great ideas are mens twin sets as they coordinate well with each other and they are made from breathable materials. 

What Fit For The Summer?

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